Deep Meditation with Hemi-Sync technology

One of the most effective meditation practices that I have found is via the use of Hemi-Sync products. The underlying fundamental technology that all of their meditations use is binaural frequency beats. These binaural frequency beats slow your brain activity down by syncing your brain activity to the beat frequency, and I’ve found that technology to really calm my mind down.

While you can buy binaural beats by themselves from numerous online sources, I’ve tried just downloading and listening to them in a standalone manner and found them to be a bit annoying. The Hemi-Sync product suite overlays music, white noise, and guided meditations on top of these binaural beats.

Simply put, I’ve found these meditations to quickly take me to a place of inner calm and peace. The beauty of the mix is that you don’t have to be a master meditator, spending hours a day meditating to get your brain to calm down. These Hemi-Sync products take all of us to deep inner spaces of low brain activity, which is where the meditation magic occurs!

Click here to go to the site if you are ready to try one out!  You can download MP3’s immediately. With my iPhone, I buy the mp3 (typically around $12-$15 for singles, more for multiple sets), download them, place them in my iTunes library, sync my iPhone, and can be listening or meditating in under 10 minutes!

First of all, Why Meditate?

Our human minds like to take over and get out of control!! How often do we get anxious, worrying about this and that, thinking about this task, then the next one, then the next, over and over with a general chaos within ourselves? Meditation calms my brain down, and brings, clarity, eliminates lots of wasted energy, and brings a peace within.

I’ve meditated now for the last 25 years. I typically meditate in the morning, often listening to a couple of different types of meditations, just to keep things fresh. I’ve found that regular meditation does wonders for my health, happiness and that in turn causes success in my life.

Life will deal us issues and problems, deaths, accidents, and other curve balls. I’ve found that meditating works fantastic in slowing my monkey brain down, and keeps me from getting worried, anxious, frustrated and chaotic inside. When I can stay in a calm inner state, I can handle life’s curve balls and hard times. But even better, I enjoy the moments more and appreciate with gratitude the happy, joyous moments! I’m alive! I feel healthy, and I am present to take in each moment.

Along my journey I’ve used lots of different meditations: Yoga based, guided, transcendental, Christian readings, Kabbalah, drumming, chanting, running, daily meditations from 12 step programs, moving meditations, and others. I’ve found them all to be beneficial. I highly recommend a regular dose of daily meditations, it does wonders for the body, mind, and soul.

What is Binaural frequency beats and How does it work?

There are numerous online explanations, but I’ll provide a quick one below.

Refer to the figure below.

As an example, one tone of 500 Hz is injected into your left ear, while a tone of 510 Hz is injected into the left ear. Our brain hears these sounds, but actually slows down and starts to operate at 10 Hz, which is the difference between the two frequencies. Our brains lock onto this difference in frequency, and for this example we basically have about 10 thoughts per second. The whole process is called “entraining” the brain. It means that the brain will slow down to whatever the frequency difference is between the two tones.

So when we are awake and actively engaged in conversation, our brains are working at about 25-30Hz, or 25 to 30 brain thoughts/activities per second. No wonder when we get agitated, chaotic, frantic or anxious we burn up so much energy … our brains are spinning at many thoughts per second, usually doing nothing useful.

One of the neat concepts is that with “entraining”, our brains can quickly slow down. Typically, the meditation tracks will start at a higher frequency difference, say 20 Hz for example, and then slowly move the two different frequencies down to a difference of 10 Hz. That is extremely low and in the past only master meditators could get to this state. The Tibetan monks have been recorded to have lower than 10 Hz brain activities. They would have to spend countless hours meditating to get to this advanced state. But now with entraining just about all of us have access to these extremely advanced meditative states. We all can have access to these extremely slow brain states while meditating, and that brings a very deep peace within.

General uses of binaural beats

There are all sorts of beneficial uses of the binaural beats technology. I’ve primarily used them for meditation purposes, and that in turn provides lots of benefits. Some of these are relaxation, improved focus, weight loss better concentration, improved memory, rapid learning, motivation, increased energy, more creativity, mitigating ADHD, reduced stress and anxiety and pain relief.

I’ve found that meditation as a daily spiritual practice has brought me an inner calm and peace. Many spiritual advances have been made with these meditations including Positive Thinking, Spiritual Awareness, Chakra Healing, Lucid dreaming and Astral projection.

My favorite and most effective Hemi-Sync meditations

So I’ve bought numerous Hemi-Sync meditation over the years.  Get a good deal by going directly to the Hemi-Sync site here.  The base one is just called Hemi-Sync Meditation, and it’s a 45-minute meditation with white noise overlaid on a binaural beat and perhaps other “secret sauce” that Monroe products may deploy. It is so simple, but I’ve gone to really deep states with that one. I come out with such a peace within!

I’ve struggled with addictions over the years, and found the Carolyn Ball Dissolving Depression, Ending Anxiety, and Breaking Free from addictions to be most helpful along my journey. Patty Ray Avalon’s Inner states: Dawning of Awareness is a great suite, with my favorite being the Luminosity guided meditation. I come out of that one connected to Spirit, filled with Light, and passionate about life! Try it!

To browse some of the other products, such as “Want Better and Deeper Sleep?” click the phrase. Please leave a comment and/or email link if you find these useful. I’ve found the products to have a stunning effectiveness. I’d love to hear your experiences.

Peace Within

I love to meditate. It works for me. I don’t sit cross-legged in the traditional yoga pose, but rather relax in an easy chair, lay down on the floor on a futon mat, sit on a zero gravity chair, or upright in a regular chair. I avoid meditating in bed, as I tend to fall asleep, despite my best intentions.

So I get into comfortable clothes, plug in my headsets or ear buds into my ears, and go deep with these different meditations. When I recently moved, I found the whole experience to be unsettling, and the Patty Ray Avalon “Equilibrium” guided meditation helped me to accept the change and flow with the “new’.

Click the image to go directly to Hemi-Sync and get really good deals on all types of meditations!

May you find your peace within! It enhances every part of life. Enjoy your Hemi-Sync meditations, and let me know if you find a really good one that works for you.

If you find these meditations useful, you might also like “The Guided Meditation Site” which has many wonderful meditations, including the brain entraining, for your healing, focus, success, and relaxation.

Peace within …. Bobby O.





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  1. I have used the Hemi-Synch meditations for almost a year now and they are tremendously beneficial by helping me to relax and re-energize myself. I now practice meditation daily.

    1. Awesome Pat, glad they are working for you. My goal is to get more people to try this avenue and see if it works for them. I’m betting 90% of the population would benefit greatly by having that “peace within”!

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