Stop Procrastinating! Two powerful tools that work for me!

Do you have issues procrastinating tasks that you know should really get done?  Those items you just know you should do, but you find excuses, other meaningless tasks, social media, emails, and anything else to NOT do the task?  Then at the end of the day we feel bad inside, knowing we  really need to get this done.  Or if a deadline is coming up, then we wait until the last moment, then madly try to get everything done at the last minute, and our work is sloppy, frenetic and we are not having fun.

I think we all have. Actually, I think I’ll put off writing this blog for another day ….????

Ok that happens often.  Now how to get over that hurdle?

I’ve found 2 excellent tools to assist.  One is the book Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy, and the other is a Hemi-sync meditation that within 30 minute gets me excited to take on the task I did not want to do!  Ok, read now, no procrastinating!

I can’t wait to finish this blog!!!!

Eat That Frog! 

My absolute favorite book (and it gets me moving) on the topic of procrastination is the Eat That Frog! Now that may not sound appetizing but it has 21 really good ways to stop procrastinating and to get more done in less time.  It’s a quick read, I read it in a couple of hours, and then it summarizes the 21 methods.  I read those often and get excited.  You can get it cheap right here. 

So your frog is that really important task, or tasks, that if you do it, will provide the most benefit and productivity for your day.  The analogy is of eating a frog …. if you know you need to eat a frog, and you get that over with first thing in the day, then everything else will be easier from that point on.  So the idea is to eat your most important frog or frogs first, then do other items later.

Click on the image to get your copy now

The really exciting part of all of these ideas is that the human brain and body is hardwired to produce endorphins, opiates and makes us feel good inside when we do this.  We are genetically charged to produce these chemicals when we complete and finish an important task.   When we develop the habit of tackling and taking on our most  important and beneficial tasks, we feel like winners.  It makes us happy.  We get energy.

The completion of any important task triggers the release of these chemicals such as endorphins in our brain.  This gives us a natural high.  I get excited every time I reread that section, and it works!!

I took a walk down to the local lake, and there was a cute little frog sitting by the reeds along the side.  I had to add him to the blog!

Frog basking in the morning sun by my lake

Eat That Frog Cards 

I find that repitition helps me to remember things.  If I read a good book, and then put it down and never go back, I usually forget everything!  There are some that I have found to be really helpful.

The cards are a bit like flash cards that some of us had to use when we were younger to memorize our math facts.  These Eat That Frog cards remind me of the different practices I can deploy to overcome procrastination.  Get your set here.  Whenever I’m feeling unmotivated or stuck, I just get one of these out, and voila, I actually want to do that task.  Then it is fun!

Eat That Frog Cards to help you form habits and be amazing! Click the image to get a pack

Do This Now – Hemi-sync

The Hemi-Sync technology, which I describe in depth under the music and meditations blog, slows our brains down.  Then what we hear and learn gets set deep in our brains.  The scientists have found that when we go to that deep state of mental calmness or slow brain activity, that we can learn and develop new habits with astonishing speed.

So the Do This Now audio actually sets up our brains to be motivated to accomplish whatever task we focus on.  Imagine that you are stuck, sit down or lay down and listen to the audio for 30 minutes, then with a deep breath say the phrase “Plus – do this now” and find all the motivation and energy to get started right away!  I use this often to get inspired and motivated.

Use this for those important tasks such as writing that article or blog, doing that spreadsheet, going for a workout, cooking and eating a nutritious meal, and any other activity you may need to do that day.  You can purchase and download your audio file here.  You can also click the image below to get your copy.

Do This Now audio file to help stop procrastinating. Get ready to do things you resisted in the past


Eat That Frog example 

So I woke up the other morning, and really didn’t feel like writing this blog.  I wanted to get it done first thing in the morning, to eat my first frog, and then get energized for the rest of the day.  I caught myself reading emails, checking social media, and numerous other tasks that were not in the plan … just delaying tactics.

I then went to my meditation center in my room, lay down and listened to the Hemi-Sync “Plus – Do this now” audio with my airpods.  It takes 30 minutes.  The amazing audio inspires me, and it instructs us to take a deep breath, use the phrase “Plus, do my procrastination blog now!”, then blow out as though I am blowing out a candle.

Next I opened the Eat That Frog book to pages 3 and 4, and reread the section on the fact that doing the most important task first thing in the morning releases the endorphins and opiates, and gives me a natural high.  I’m feeling great now, inspired, and I right this blog in under an hour!

The activity of eating my frog first in my daily routine is most definitely habit forming.  I’m loving feeling the endorphins and energy surge. I’ve trained myself to do that, and now I have a new habit.  You can do this too!

Quit Procrastinating NOW!! 

So quit procrastinating NOW!!! Get those most important tasks done first thing by eating your frog.  That will release the endorphins, natural opiates and you will feel great!  That is empowering and catapults you to do that next task, eat that next frog, and suddenly you are unstoppable!

Eating your frogs is a great way to live life.  Get empowered, get that surge of energy, motivation and know you are crushing it. Available now in book form.  Add  the audio file and watch yourself do things that you previously resisted!  Easily develop new habits of taking on your toughest tasks with energy and enthusiasm.

To your success!!!





Making your Healthspan equal your Lifespan!


We all know about “lifespans”. That is the time from our birth until the time we pass and transition into the next world. “Healthspan” is the portion of your lifespan where you are healthy and able to hike, bike, do yoga and live fully in the world, doing whatever activity you want to do.

Our health is such a precious gift, and many of us take it for granted until we lose it. By embracing and living a healthy lifestyle, we can take control of our lives and make our healthspan equal to our lifespan. That is my goal for you! Our healthspan can be significantly improved through the use of targeted vitamins and supplements.

Hiking in the golden mountains


I’m 60 and running mountains

As I write this, I am now 60 years old. I just finished a wonderful run in the mountains of Colorado here where I live. I typically run over 40 miles per week and hike another 12 or so. I have been using supplements to help fuel, recover, and pack my cells full of energy for over 10 years now. I find my body

A selfie after running to the top of Mt. Herman — 2,000 feet above the town behind

recovers, heals, and is energized.   In that manner I can then enjoy and look forward to hiking, running, biking, swimming, yoga and just being out in the beautiful nature.


How do I decide? There are so many vitamins!?!?

If you go to your local grocery or health food store, you will be faced with an amazing array of choices regarding vitamins, supplements and other items that can make your head spin! How do you decide which is best for you? Fortunately I can help you with that maze of choices!

I personally have used Usana vitamins and supplements for the past 10 years!  I just got a certificate from them, thanking me for being a “loyal customer” for the last 10 years .  I do believe these products have helped me to make my health span equal to my 60 years of “life span” so far!

These products are not available from the local stores, but must be purchased online. I’ve found them to be thoroughly effective, improving my stamina, health, endurance, and recovery. Simply, their products work! I’ve experimented with many brands and types, so let my research be a start for improving your healthspan.

What makes Usana different?

Usana is dedicated to cell health, and by supplying your cells with premium quality ingredients, all natural, combined with signaling technology, your cell’s health is optimized. Usana wants to stamp out disease of all kinds by proactively filling your cells with the optimal mix of vitamins and minerals, so that cell weakness and degeneration is either stopped or slowed down.

Disease starts when the cells in your body can no longer fend off external forces or intrusion and then either die or degenerate.  Usana products optimize cell health and thus avoid the degeneration and death of the cells.

The company Usana (means “true health” in a combined Latin and Greek word) is dedicated to trying to make your healthspan equal your lifespan. They use innovative signaling technology to supply your cells with the nourishment, protection and renewal they need to keep you healthy and active. The technology is embedded in all of their vitamins, supplements and facial treatments that actually signals the cells to take in the nourishment.

What? Incelligence?

What truly separates Usana from the others is this radical new cell signaling technology, called “Incelligence”. They have figured out how to communicate with your cells, and then tell the individual cells “you need to take this particular vitamin or mineral into your membrane”.

So if you buy two different Vitamin D products (as an example), both choices may have the same exact amount of vitamin D units inside each pill, but the Usana vitamin also contains the Incelligence technology that signals the cell to absorb the vitamin D. The cells then admit the Vitamin D through the membrane. The body then absorbs the maximum amount possible with the Incelligence technology.

Personal Examples

Over the years, I have run out of Usana vitamins and gone to the store for a quick replacement, or not used any supplements at all.   The result is always the same: I start to have less energy, my joints start to hurt, I don’t recover as quickly or at all, and my body just doesn’t respond.  The net result: I don’t feel like going out and exercising!!  I go back to the Usana vitamins, and within a few days I’m looking forward to exercising again. What a difference!

I’ve tried various blends of Saw Palmetto over the years, which is useful in reducing prostrate swelling in older males. Years ago I found a combination Lycopene and Saw Palmetto supplement that really worked, then it left the market. Now I combine both the general vitamin suite and Saw Palmetto made from Usana and have greatly reduced my swollen prostate, almost effectively eliminating that issue altogether from my life.

Another huge example for me personally is with Procosa.  Making Joints last your healthspanProcosa has a combination of glucosamine, chondroitin, along with other ingredients that help recovery of joints, reduce swelling, and eliminates those aches and pains that can take the joy out of running.  And yes .. the Incelligence additives make this work the best of all the many different supplements I’ve tried to reduce and prevent ligament and cartilage injuries.

Usana and supplements will empower your health program

Make your healthspan equal your lifespan! By choosing to use vitamins and supplements made from Usana, you can actually reduce the risk of disease and give your body a comprehensive, proactive suite to protect, nourish and renew your cells.

These products are all available online, and to get a really good discount (the same one I get), please fill out the email form below and I will set you up as a preferred customer at no cost.  If you order direct, you will not get the steep discount. Your email will only be used for this purpose.

Once I enroll you, the products that you select come straight from the factory at the discounted rate that I will get for you (same price I get). In this manner there is no middle man or ordering from multiple third party vendors or even myself.

All the products come straight from the factory in Salt Lake City, Utah, where they are manufactured to pharmaceutical grade standards. It was fun and intriguing to tour the factory and watch the vitamins and supplements get manufactured, all with the strictest of quality.

Take charge, give your body what it needs. I’ve tried these and they really work. I’m making my healthspan equal my lifespan. Sixty and flying!!