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Hiking in the Colorado Mountains during the fall Gold!

Greetings from the mountains of Colorado. I’ve lived on both coasts of the US and enjoyed the oceans, but the mountains called to me and I’ve lived here for the last 31 years. I enjoy getting out into nature and finding that peace within.

The abundance of National Forest land provides a wonderful opportunity for physical activities in nature. I enjoy running all over these mountains, as well as hiking, Mt. biking, snowshoeing, snowboarding and just meditating out in the forest. I’ve found the stunning views, quiet and natural beauty all combine to move me into a deep spiritual state.

Healthy Lifestyle

After working as an electrical engineer for Verizon and other companies for the last 3 decades, I am switching to educating and assisting others in living a healthy lifestyle. I’ve continued to workout all my life, and I am really starting to see the benefits of almost daily exercise and a good diet. Isn’t it amazing that study after study spends millions of dollars and comes to the conclusion that “you will be more healthy if you exercise and have a good diet!”?!?!

Since I really enjoy all different types of exercise, I have entered and raced in triathlons for the last 30 years. I swam competitively through college, and now also enjoy the camaraderie and challenge of swimming with the local masters swim team. I have just turned 60, and its stunning to watch the difference between those that keep active and physically fit, versus others who don’t exercise. It is very inspiring to me to see all these healthy, fit humans still swimming 2 to 3 miles each practice and enjoying life.

Enhancing your energy, recovery and renewal

Along the way, I have experimented with all kinds of vitamins, supplements, sport drinks, and other recovery aids. Especially as we age, it takes longer and longer to recover, our maximum heart rate slows down a bit each year, and it is critical to maintain muscle mass or we get injured. I’ve found real health comes from a combination of aerobic exercise, strengthening exercise, mediation, spiritual work, and vitamins/supplements to help with energy, working out and recovery.

Your health determines your quality of life

One of the most effective suites of supplementation products I have come across is from Usana.  Usana makes a multi-vitamin product along with other supplements that they develop and test in their own lab.  I will get into that in the main website.

Others may also tell you “with a good diet you don’t need vitamins and supplements”. Maybe for them, but in this day of so much processed food and all the shortcuts taken in food processing, I have found that I do better, I feel better, I have more energy, and I just want to get out and exercise when I’m regularly taking these supplements.

Onward to Healthy Living

I  created this Website to motivate and assist others in living their own healthy lifestyle.  Feeling good inside is important to working out.  I have found through music, musical/spiritual meditations, yoga and specific supplements that we can continue to live with energy and aliveness even as we age.  The body does need an assist, and I intend to share my successes with you.

All the best, live healthy!

Bobby O.


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  1. Hi Bobby,
    Yeah, you sound like me, I always try and look for natural supplements instead of drugs to live a healthy lifestyle.

    I have heard a lot about Usana vitamins but I had never used them. I see a couple of friends use Usana’s products and have some good results.
    I love oceans and mountain too.
    Your friend,

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