Welcome to Living With Energy, Health, Aliveness and Freedom (LWEHAF)

Welcome to Living with Energy, Health, Aliveness and Freedom!

I have found extraordinary health and wellness in my life, and wanted to share some items that have really worked for me. I found that so many people are struggling on this planet, and I was one of them.

Once I got to that deep peace within, through a combination of physical exercise, eating right, meditations, and daily spiritual practices, I just had to share what I have experienced …  I want to assist others in coming to a lifestyle filled with energy, health, aliveness and freedom!

My dream is that some ideas spark that flame within you so that you can lead a full, healthy and relevant life.

That is a selfie of myself after running to the top of Mt. Herman in Colorado, a 2000-foot elevation gain!


The goal for this site is to share with you some products and lifestyle choices I have made that really work for me.

And the real key is that “these products I recommend really work!”. There are so many choices in the industry today, and I intend to share precisely what works for me. May you find energy and vitality in your life as well!

If you ever need advise or have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them on any of the comment pages at the end of each and every blog entry.

All the best,

Bobby O.